• Before-Main Street, Cavan Town.
    After-Main Street, Cavan Town.
    Before Main Street, Cavan Town. After

Welcome to Walking History – A Tour of Cavan Town

Cavan town was the first Gaelic Medieval town in Ireland and has a rich history which we are proud to share with you, with the help of our very modern QR Codes and website. While you are here, we hope that you take advantage of our warm Cavan welcome and get to know our culture better and the history that has made us proudly who we are today. We will be expanding on this project and have even more history to share so please come again soon.

Thank you for visiting Cavan and we hope you have a great time!
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Cavan then… and now

  • Before-Main Street, Cavan Town
    After-Main Street, Cavan Town
    Before Main Street, Cavan Town After